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The Mum


Baby Doctor


Supporting you to make educated decisions by putting you and your baby at the centre.

Pregnancy can be intimidating and overwhelming. 

Pregnancy is life-changing, and preparation is not always possible.

The Mum and Baby doctor helps you fit pregnancy into your world and do what is best for your family.

Having a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby gives your child full life potential. 

The Mum and Baby Doctor completes your pregnancy care

Increase your confidence

Learn about what matters to you and your pregnancy.
Learn what questions to ask about you and your pregnancy.
Learn about the key stages of pregnancy and routine appointments.

Remove pregnancy fears from healthcare advice

Understand what is relevant to you.
Understand what to expect.

Understand the role of complementary and well-being therapy

Learn how to incorporate complementary therapy.
Learn how and when to use acupuncture.
Learn how complementary therapies work.

Optimise physical, mental, and emotional health

Learn how to cope with each stage of pregnancy.
Learn how to manage your mental health.
Understand if your mood is due to pregnancy hormones or underlying mental health.




Practical and effective advise tailored to suit your needs at each stage of your pregnancy.

Helping to increase your confidence and eliminate your fears.

Helping you decide what is safe and best for you and your baby.


With over 15 years experience, NHS & Private, helping mums through their pregnancy journey and beyond.

Specialist in pre-pregnancy counselling, antenatal care, perinatal mental health, labour and delivery. Abnormal periods to menopause.

Helping women understand what current recommendations and guidelines mean for them and their baby.


Helping mothers prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for their nine month journey and beyond.

Introducing complementary & wellbeing treatments that can help mothers improve their energy during pregnancy, prepare their body for childbirth and help recovery after birth.


The Mum & Baby Doctor

At the Mum and Baby Doctor,
We give the mother and baby time and expertise. 
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Bal Sagoo

About Me

Working as an obstetrician and gynaecologist and a mother of two. I am passionate about empowering women with practical tools and personal advice to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby.

Having had two successful pregnancies and a loss, I found the vast amount of pregnancy information and courses confusing and impersonal.

I believe a successful pregnancy can grow a child who has the full potential to do well in life. A successful pregnancy requires not only the medical support provided by a doctor but also support of the mothers physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

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Get complete, holistic care, backed by years of clinical work and expertise.

Understand how to look after yourself, your toddler, and your bump.